“Why me, why makeup? Thats the question I often asked my self for so many years. It took me a while to realise that the question I had been asking all of these years, the answer laid in you. I came to realise that the reason why I loved doing makeup so much was to make better for you what I never had. I feel passion and a sense of fulfilment each and every time I provide a service to you. My experience of receiving makeup was not thrilling, however I learnt that the thrilling experience can be gifted to you. And so I present to you my knowledge, my love for makeup and my passion to create endless beautiful looks that will wow you and others near and afar.

My makeup and educational services extend to everyone with no limitations to gender, complexion, nationality or race”.

I have expectations as high as yours. In other words I am simply you. My name is Adjoa. I am from Ghana western Africa. I currently live in Australia however previously lived in New Zealand for over 20 years. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you. What I expect is a look of makeup that compliments my natural beauty. The days that i feel I need a little extra of a look, I still will want it to be breathtakingly gorgeous! Is this also you? If yes then I say let’s work together to create something magical for you.”

I am the lead makeup artist and beauty consultant at Xceptional Makeup & Beauty as well as XM Cosmetics. I am a qualified make-up artist and beauty specialist with a wealth of knowledge working with all nationalities and cultures. I qualified as a make-up artist many years ago with international make-up academy and enhanced my knowledge tutoring with the best beauty educators such as Donna Mee both in New Zealand and over seas.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Xceptional Beauty Bella. Be prepared to receive a class of experience you will cherish a life time. Please allow us to astoundingly compliment your natural beauty, because you deserve this and beyond.

Lots of love xx Adjoa