Beauty is as We See that the ultimate truth tho?

Is'nt it funny how often we see people's makeup looks and we are quick to judge based on their appearance? 

Do you know anyone whos actually stopped and had conversation about why that person might have their makeup done that way? Is it possible that their level of knowledge is that which they display? Or makeup is done for a specific occasion that we may not be aware of?

Often and more so people generally only do what they know and until someone makes suggests - which is a stone to crack in most cases because you dont want to seem judgmental, is when they make amendment to flawless beauty as we see it, by that I mean as society sees it.

The good old saying goes beauty comes in all types, shapes and forms. Let face it we are all at different stages of our beauty game..In my opinion beauty is how one sees them selves. If you want makeup as thick as a log right across your face, go for gold if thats what makes you beautiful and complete. We are in no position to judge, instead lets use judgement constructively positive enough to make one feel beautiful even without trying.

My approach is always customised with ideas on how to accentuate ones natural beauty. Beauty to me is simple, beauty to me is what makes you feel and look great. Beauty is something that boost your confident and makes you feel on-top of the world even when you have the slightest feeling of it coming to an end. Beauty is loving who you are, what you stand for and the things you are most passionate about Because guess what, thats the kind of beauty people are affected positively by.  Go on......wear your kind of beauty.  Comment below if you have an opinion to add I will love to hear from you....

||Caption our gorgeous Jenny Amosa below. Her beauty is astoundingly beautiful. No words. Makeup by us. Styled by RKM Global Fashion.



Concealer Before or After Foundation? Which is the correct way???

Hi yall, Well, this conversation is one of many that artist and beauty lovers have had over the years. Its my turn to give an opinion on same. With regards to the experiences I have had using both methods, I can safely say who gives a damn which you want to apply first, cos guess what they both work perfectly. Well most of the time anyway.

When I use concealer over the top of my foundation, I find that it gives a smoothing effect filling up any visible patches that needs to be rescued. Is that even a word to describe this kind of thing? On the other hand, I have used it prior to applying my entire foundation and found it just as good. I guess the only difference for me is that when I use concealer after my foundation, I often use small amount as the foundation would have covered most problem areas.  If however I use it prior to using foundation then I find I am using more just to smooth out the canvas (my face). And sometime we get carried away simply to ensure all areas are covered!. Concealer wastage right there in my opinion.

Another thing to note is that  there are certain foundations such as mac prolong water proof which are safe to use as both foundation and concealer. You need to be careful and mindful though when choosing to use under your eyes as most two in one foundations are medium to full coverage. Too much products under your eyes will cause overwhelming amount of crease despite setting with powder. Less is more in any circumstance unless its absolutely necessary to add extra. I Can not think of anything worse than trying to take off excess products because you realise you've put too much. The attempt is complete frustration. 

Some of my favourite all in one foundation and concealers are Mac Prolong water proof, clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer, Milani conceal plus perfect and Stila stay all day just to name a few. Boom! there goes my two cent piece.

Now let me hear your views...what do you think of my view? and what are your current foundation and concealer routine?

Ciao ...




The best under eye setting powder ever!!!

Quality and result go hand in hand...

The Miracle of Laurer Mercier's Secret Under Eye Brightening setting Powder

Alright peeps let me just get straight to it as am too pumped to waste time hahaha. Well, for years working as a professional makeup artist, I had been looking for a setting power for the under eye area which spoke quality, long lasting and simply beautiful on all skin shades, types and complexion. I had tried several different kinds. They were either too heavy, off colour or simply did not produce great results even tho they were indicated to work magic for under the eyes as settings powders.

Well Lord thank you! I feel like my frustration has been put to ease. Finally an introduction to a life saving great performance under eye setting powder made for all skin complexions. The laurer Mercier secret brightening under eye powder is a winner. Let me tell you as dark as I am and of the many people I have had the privilege to work on, this powder is like nothing you've ever used before. Its smooth light weight finely milled formula is just perfect for what is made for. 

As a makeup artist who specialises in special occasion makeup, I know the importance of beautiful transformations. By using top quality products, your work is cut out to perfection and profound results. When I came across this powder, it felt like heaven just landed on earth. the joy of using something believing that it works make life so much easier. If it helps, this product definitely passes the dreading flash backs through photography that we get with most setting powders only to produce flawless result. 

Well quality makeup lovers, now that you've read my point of view, go ahead share your thoughts on the commentary bellow and lets get some  quality talk on the way :-)

 The result is magical....

 The result is magical....



Flash Photography as it applies to Makeup, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.......My Two Cents Input

Have you wondered why sometimes you take photos and your face appears whiter/lighter than the rest of your body? this I call "flash photography chaos" caused by several factors i will briefly attempt to explain. At the end of this read, I will expect you to choose the correct powders and foundations for your self so that you look evenly beautified in every photo thats taken with or without a flash.

The day has come whether it is your wedding, a birthday, a photoshoot or graduation party. You either decide to do your own makeup or hire a professional artist to make you look flawless. Before anything, you or they need to establish your skin type, undertone and skin complexions. This is important for choosing the right products for your self. Always choose products you are sure match you well. Lets talk about selecting a foundation for you. Choosing a foundation that matches you well can be a bit of a struggle sometimes in-fact its frustrating especially for darker complexion with discolouration. Using the right techniques to detect your shade makes the world of difference. See my youtube page on how to choose the right foundation for your skin type, shape and complexion.  

Now that you have your correct shade, apply evenly onto your skin using makeup tools including your hands you feel most comfortable with.

Most foundation including liquid, mousse, gel and paste requires powder to set in place to prevent it from melting away. Now is time to choose a suitable powder for your self. When deciding which setting powder to use, consider wether you want additional coverage or just a set. Press powders provide more coverage where as loose powder gives a small amount of coverage because of their finely milled pigments.

Setting or finishing powders come in both translucent and in colour. Choose the one you prefer that is camera ready, by that I mean one that does not have too much titanium dioxide as this in its purest form will photograph pure white causing a ghostly look. This goes for  foundations and sunscreens. When both of these are combined in high amounts, they provide higher titanium dioxide causing theghostly look in flash photography, on the other hand titanium has great sunscreen benefits therefore  use in moderation and avoid combining too many products. This will leave you with a canvas (your face) so beautiful and camera ready.  


Adjoa's piece of advice:

*Always choose matching foundations for your self, use small amounts of either translucent or press powder to set your makeup. Take your time to beautify you. Research your products before you use/purchase. Your skin and occasion should be treated as Gold. You deserve to look your best at all times.

Love xx Adjoa's Wisdom corner

Avoid your face looking brighter than the rest of your body as indicated in the photograph above. Choose the right matching foundation for your skin type, tone and complexion. Choose suitable setting powders for your self. If in doubt, please ask! 

The Use Of Make-up Primers.....Are they necessary?

Hello beauties!! The million dollar question is finally out of its box..!  The question goes...So is it really necessary to use a primer prior to make up application? 

Before we get caught up in answering the question. Lets define the meaning of a make-up "PRIMER".

A make-up primer is basically a cream, liquid, gel or powder product that has the ability to prolong the wear of your make-up as well as create smooth canvas, minimise pores, softens skin, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles so that your skin looks youthful allowing your make-up to stay flawless throughout the day. There are various make-up primers which work on various parts of the face for flawless evened out long look. These are Lip Primers, Eye Shadow primers and lastly but most importantly Foundation Primers. All of these primers individually play a role in ensuring that our make-up lasts and appears genuine and flawless for a long time.



Lip Primer

Lip primers are used to prolong the wear of lip colours. They also act as a base to enrich colours applied to the lips. They are mostly mattifying ensuring that your lips are insured for the duration of the wear.

Eye-shadow Primer

The use of Eye shadow primers are great way to ensure that your eye make-up stays vibrant, enriched and most importantly stays put. It prevents sweat lines and fades leaving your eye make-up flawless and beautiful.

Foundation Primer

The use of foundation primer ensures that your skin is minimised of pores, is smooth and silky, allows the foundation to adhere to the skin and does not absorb into skin, leaves make-up looking flawless and smooth most importantly prolonging the wear of your foundation.

* NOTE* Always take into consideration your skin type (normal,oily,combination,dry) prior to purchasing foundation primers. Also remember that some foundations such as MuFe & Face of Atelier have built in primers to ensure your skin maintains its flawlessness all day long!

So now that we are clear on the meaning of Make-up primers and understand the different types available and their uses, do I agree that primers are beneficial? Hold on let me breath before answering...... Hell yes! 

Let me use my self as an example. I for one have super oily acne prone skin. Prior to my foundation application, I use a a mattifying primer to ensure that my make-up looks flawless, smooth and last all day. My favourite primer to use is that of Skindinavian - The primer spray oil control. It works wonders on oily skin. Also the Rimmel stay matte primer is great and cost effective.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that primers are an important part of the make-up application process? What are your favourite primers to use?


Below are some examples of foundation and eye-shadow primers that have long lasting effect I recommend. Nevertheless do not be alarmed as there are plenty more out there with price variables to suite your budget which work just as great! Some of these are Elf cosmetics primers, Revlon stay matte primer and many others. 

What you really want is to purchase something that works for you and is true to its manufacturers prints. 




Strobbing - The NEW in VS Contouring & Highlighting

So what is this strobbing we've all been hearing about? I know there are thousands of people out there especially in the world of insta-gram and you-tube on how to contour and highlight. There is so much term and definitions for it including clown contouring and so forth. It is really a revolutionary field of people showing of their artistic ways which in my opinion can be deceiving of what contouring and highlighting truly is. 

Strobbing by definition in the eyes of make-up is a technique used to highlight the highest points of the face to create an illuminated complexion. Makes sense right? For me strobbing the face is improving how it looks. We want to enhance the persons natural look by creating dimensions and illusions to truly emphasis the persons inner beauty. 

Contouring & highlighting is darking areas of your face to give it a better dimensions and illusion. By highlighting I mean applying a shade or two lighter than your usual complexion to areas such as centre off the forehead, bridge of nose and centre of chin considering your face shape and type of structure you have. Lastly contouring. This term is to darken. It simply means that we focus on areas of our face that are too big to show off to the world if that makes sense. Therefore we hide it. The areas most people focus particularly on is the forehead, sides of your nose, hollows of the cheeks,  jaw line, temple and so forth. Contouring and highlighting is a must do especially for those of use with rounder, more prominent face which requires temporary adjustment and dimensions. We need to however remember that excess contouring is simply showing off an entire different person which is not the aim. The aim is to enhance your beauty to a more beautiful you. I love to contour and highlight slightly especially for occasions like weddings, parties and events. What occasion do you contour and highlight to? 

Now that you know the difference between the two, which do you prefer?