Strobbing - The NEW in VS Contouring & Highlighting

So what is this strobbing we've all been hearing about? I know there are thousands of people out there especially in the world of insta-gram and you-tube on how to contour and highlight. There is so much term and definitions for it including clown contouring and so forth. It is really a revolutionary field of people showing of their artistic ways which in my opinion can be deceiving of what contouring and highlighting truly is. 

Strobbing by definition in the eyes of make-up is a technique used to highlight the highest points of the face to create an illuminated complexion. Makes sense right? For me strobbing the face is improving how it looks. We want to enhance the persons natural look by creating dimensions and illusions to truly emphasis the persons inner beauty. 

Contouring & highlighting is darking areas of your face to give it a better dimensions and illusion. By highlighting I mean applying a shade or two lighter than your usual complexion to areas such as centre off the forehead, bridge of nose and centre of chin considering your face shape and type of structure you have. Lastly contouring. This term is to darken. It simply means that we focus on areas of our face that are too big to show off to the world if that makes sense. Therefore we hide it. The areas most people focus particularly on is the forehead, sides of your nose, hollows of the cheeks,  jaw line, temple and so forth. Contouring and highlighting is a must do especially for those of use with rounder, more prominent face which requires temporary adjustment and dimensions. We need to however remember that excess contouring is simply showing off an entire different person which is not the aim. The aim is to enhance your beauty to a more beautiful you. I love to contour and highlight slightly especially for occasions like weddings, parties and events. What occasion do you contour and highlight to? 

Now that you know the difference between the two, which do you prefer?