The Use Of Make-up Primers.....Are they necessary?

Hello beauties!! The million dollar question is finally out of its box..!  The question goes...So is it really necessary to use a primer prior to make up application? 

Before we get caught up in answering the question. Lets define the meaning of a make-up "PRIMER".

A make-up primer is basically a cream, liquid, gel or powder product that has the ability to prolong the wear of your make-up as well as create smooth canvas, minimise pores, softens skin, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles so that your skin looks youthful allowing your make-up to stay flawless throughout the day. There are various make-up primers which work on various parts of the face for flawless evened out long look. These are Lip Primers, Eye Shadow primers and lastly but most importantly Foundation Primers. All of these primers individually play a role in ensuring that our make-up lasts and appears genuine and flawless for a long time.



Lip Primer

Lip primers are used to prolong the wear of lip colours. They also act as a base to enrich colours applied to the lips. They are mostly mattifying ensuring that your lips are insured for the duration of the wear.

Eye-shadow Primer

The use of Eye shadow primers are great way to ensure that your eye make-up stays vibrant, enriched and most importantly stays put. It prevents sweat lines and fades leaving your eye make-up flawless and beautiful.

Foundation Primer

The use of foundation primer ensures that your skin is minimised of pores, is smooth and silky, allows the foundation to adhere to the skin and does not absorb into skin, leaves make-up looking flawless and smooth most importantly prolonging the wear of your foundation.

* NOTE* Always take into consideration your skin type (normal,oily,combination,dry) prior to purchasing foundation primers. Also remember that some foundations such as MuFe & Face of Atelier have built in primers to ensure your skin maintains its flawlessness all day long!

So now that we are clear on the meaning of Make-up primers and understand the different types available and their uses, do I agree that primers are beneficial? Hold on let me breath before answering...... Hell yes! 

Let me use my self as an example. I for one have super oily acne prone skin. Prior to my foundation application, I use a a mattifying primer to ensure that my make-up looks flawless, smooth and last all day. My favourite primer to use is that of Skindinavian - The primer spray oil control. It works wonders on oily skin. Also the Rimmel stay matte primer is great and cost effective.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that primers are an important part of the make-up application process? What are your favourite primers to use?


Below are some examples of foundation and eye-shadow primers that have long lasting effect I recommend. Nevertheless do not be alarmed as there are plenty more out there with price variables to suite your budget which work just as great! Some of these are Elf cosmetics primers, Revlon stay matte primer and many others. 

What you really want is to purchase something that works for you and is true to its manufacturers prints.