Flash Photography as it applies to Makeup, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.......My Two Cents Input

Have you wondered why sometimes you take photos and your face appears whiter/lighter than the rest of your body? this I call "flash photography chaos" caused by several factors i will briefly attempt to explain. At the end of this read, I will expect you to choose the correct powders and foundations for your self so that you look evenly beautified in every photo thats taken with or without a flash.

The day has come whether it is your wedding, a birthday, a photoshoot or graduation party. You either decide to do your own makeup or hire a professional artist to make you look flawless. Before anything, you or they need to establish your skin type, undertone and skin complexions. This is important for choosing the right products for your self. Always choose products you are sure match you well. Lets talk about selecting a foundation for you. Choosing a foundation that matches you well can be a bit of a struggle sometimes in-fact its frustrating especially for darker complexion with discolouration. Using the right techniques to detect your shade makes the world of difference. See my youtube page on how to choose the right foundation for your skin type, shape and complexion.  

Now that you have your correct shade, apply evenly onto your skin using makeup tools including your hands you feel most comfortable with.

Most foundation including liquid, mousse, gel and paste requires powder to set in place to prevent it from melting away. Now is time to choose a suitable powder for your self. When deciding which setting powder to use, consider wether you want additional coverage or just a set. Press powders provide more coverage where as loose powder gives a small amount of coverage because of their finely milled pigments.

Setting or finishing powders come in both translucent and in colour. Choose the one you prefer that is camera ready, by that I mean one that does not have too much titanium dioxide as this in its purest form will photograph pure white causing a ghostly look. This goes for  foundations and sunscreens. When both of these are combined in high amounts, they provide higher titanium dioxide causing theghostly look in flash photography, on the other hand titanium has great sunscreen benefits therefore  use in moderation and avoid combining too many products. This will leave you with a canvas (your face) so beautiful and camera ready.  


Adjoa's piece of advice:

*Always choose matching foundations for your self, use small amounts of either translucent or press powder to set your makeup. Take your time to beautify you. Research your products before you use/purchase. Your skin and occasion should be treated as Gold. You deserve to look your best at all times.

Love xx Adjoa's Wisdom corner

Avoid your face looking brighter than the rest of your body as indicated in the photograph above. Choose the right matching foundation for your skin type, tone and complexion. Choose suitable setting powders for your self. If in doubt, please ask!