Concealer Before or After Foundation? Which is the correct way???

Hi yall, Well, this conversation is one of many that artist and beauty lovers have had over the years. Its my turn to give an opinion on same. With regards to the experiences I have had using both methods, I can safely say who gives a damn which you want to apply first, cos guess what they both work perfectly. Well most of the time anyway.

When I use concealer over the top of my foundation, I find that it gives a smoothing effect filling up any visible patches that needs to be rescued. Is that even a word to describe this kind of thing? On the other hand, I have used it prior to applying my entire foundation and found it just as good. I guess the only difference for me is that when I use concealer after my foundation, I often use small amount as the foundation would have covered most problem areas.  If however I use it prior to using foundation then I find I am using more just to smooth out the canvas (my face). And sometime we get carried away simply to ensure all areas are covered!. Concealer wastage right there in my opinion.

Another thing to note is that  there are certain foundations such as mac prolong water proof which are safe to use as both foundation and concealer. You need to be careful and mindful though when choosing to use under your eyes as most two in one foundations are medium to full coverage. Too much products under your eyes will cause overwhelming amount of crease despite setting with powder. Less is more in any circumstance unless its absolutely necessary to add extra. I Can not think of anything worse than trying to take off excess products because you realise you've put too much. The attempt is complete frustration. 

Some of my favourite all in one foundation and concealers are Mac Prolong water proof, clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer, Milani conceal plus perfect and Stila stay all day just to name a few. Boom! there goes my two cent piece.

Now let me hear your views...what do you think of my view? and what are your current foundation and concealer routine?

Ciao ...