Beauty is as We See that the ultimate truth tho?

Is'nt it funny how often we see people's makeup looks and we are quick to judge based on their appearance? 

Do you know anyone whos actually stopped and had conversation about why that person might have their makeup done that way? Is it possible that their level of knowledge is that which they display? Or makeup is done for a specific occasion that we may not be aware of?

Often and more so people generally only do what they know and until someone makes suggests - which is a stone to crack in most cases because you dont want to seem judgmental, is when they make amendment to flawless beauty as we see it, by that I mean as society sees it.

The good old saying goes beauty comes in all types, shapes and forms. Let face it we are all at different stages of our beauty game..In my opinion beauty is how one sees them selves. If you want makeup as thick as a log right across your face, go for gold if thats what makes you beautiful and complete. We are in no position to judge, instead lets use judgement constructively positive enough to make one feel beautiful even without trying.

My approach is always customised with ideas on how to accentuate ones natural beauty. Beauty to me is simple, beauty to me is what makes you feel and look great. Beauty is something that boost your confident and makes you feel on-top of the world even when you have the slightest feeling of it coming to an end. Beauty is loving who you are, what you stand for and the things you are most passionate about Because guess what, thats the kind of beauty people are affected positively by.  Go on......wear your kind of beauty.  Comment below if you have an opinion to add I will love to hear from you....

||Caption our gorgeous Jenny Amosa below. Her beauty is astoundingly beautiful. No words. Makeup by us. Styled by RKM Global Fashion.