Better Skin, Flawless Results

Is it true that Makeup looks even better on clearer skin?

I wouldnt argue with that because the truth and the matter is its true! 

Skin care has got to be one of the most important aspect of looking beautiful. We are not to say one doesn't look beautiful in their own unique way, we are simply emphasising the idea of taking better care of that which is important to you so it can last longer for you!

Xceptional Makeup & Beauty is your answer. Prior to your booking we offer skin analysis. In this appointment your artist will examine your skin and recommend or encourage any remedies or treatment to help it look its best for you.  Even better all suggestions may be carried through for however long you wish to practise it for. It will remain as pure knowledge that will stay with you a life time. 

Our team advices that before Makeup - One needs to firstly wash and pat dry face. Then follow steps to create flawless skin canvas/base for your makeup. We call this Skin care hence the title. Its important that this step be followed thoroughly to ensure longer lasting makeup application and finish, flawless look and gorgrous looking makeup all round.

XM Cosmetics now offers Skin Care Consultations for your convenience. These include the following;

  • How to clear and cleans problematic skin
  • How or what to use to treat problematic skin
  • How to apply makeup on problematic skin
  • How to Create flawless base for longer lasting makeup
  • How to Ensure your make lasts for you
  • How to maintain clearer dewy healthy skin

Our question to you is do you suffer from any skin conditions? And secondly do you need a helping hand to help even out your skin? If yes please Get in contact with us for more information, bookings and appointment. 

Lets begin your journey to smoother, clearer, problem free skin.